Do You Need Help getting Social Security Disability & Supplemental Security Income benefits?

Applying for social security disability can be a difficult process. An experienced social security disability attorney in Knoxville TN can make all the difference in getting approved for benefits.

Our experienced social security disability lawyers can help with disability claims

Our experienced team call walk you through the social security disability application process. We understand all of the parts and pieces that are required to help you file a claim, increasing your likelihood for success. We understand and have experience with the Social Security Administration. We know what they are looking for in terms of evidence and documentation to help you prove your claims.

A Dependable Social Security Law Firm Serving Tennessee

Many people try to file their social security disability claims on their own. We understand that many people feel that lawyers are not necessary. However, hiring an experienced Social Security disability lawyer can help you. They case evaluate your case and help you gather the necessary documentation needed in order to be approved for benefits. Our law firm only uses the friendliest, most reliable staff, who truly care about helping people.

Attorneys Who Care

It is important to understand that the lawyers at Betz and Baril in Knoxville TN are here to help you. When you schedule a free consultation, we work on a contingency fee basis. This means our law offices work for you to help you receive benefits. Once you are approved for benefits, then our firm gets paid. That means our attorneys help you, and work hard to help you receive benefits. Our Knoxville social security attorneys are dedicated to helping you receive the compensation you deserve.

Have you been denied already? We can handle your Knoxville Social Security Disability appeal

What many people are unaware of is that most cases are denied the first time around. There are two main reasons for this. The first one is that the proper documentation, such as adequate medical records, are not submitted. The second reason is when people miss deadlines with the Social Security Administration. Our experienced attorneys in Knoxville TN are aware of both of these issues and work hard to gather information and meet deadlines. If you’ve already been denied disability benefits, you will definitely want a team of disability lawyers here in Knoxville TN who will work hard on your case to improve your chances to receive disability benefits.

We will submit everything the Social Security Administration is looking for, on time, and our law office will communicate with you regarding anything we need to help your case. Our Knoxville firm will obtain the proper medical records and information needed by the appeals council to help prove your claim. Our law offices serve the following areas: Knoxville, Tennessee, Maryville, Oak Ridge, Powell, Sevierville, Farragut.

Our law offices are dedicated to helping those in East Tennessee with a disability to obtain the benefits they deserve. Our firm will work tirelessly on each case to ensure that those in Knoxville and surrounding areas with a disability have the best chance of receiving disability benefits.

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