The phobia of driving next to or near heavy traffic is a real thing. People are naturally nervous about driving next to large trucks, because of the damage they can do if something goes wrong. The use of dump trucks, semi-trucks and delivery vans is essential. But why are these truck accidents so common, even with strict traffic rules and regulations, as maintained by most of the country throughout the world?

Drivers of Commercial Vehicles

Following are some common causes of truck accidents:

Lack of Skills

Often accidents are caused by the drivers of heavy vehicles. The tough job of such responsibility requires extremely skilled workers. These drivers are also expected to be tolerant and patient. Often these drivers lack basic skills of controlling such a heavy structure. Most of them are inexperienced, or they have been through a minimal amount of training. Also, with a lack of experience, they don’t know how to react in certain situations. Unfortunately, the consequences can be deadly, especially when it involves driving a large vehicle.

The Rush

The employers of such truck companies expect surreal punctuality with impractical schedules. The hurry to meet these orders compels the drivers to speed. The most affected ones of such positions are the young and unskilled employees that are burdened and out of fear of losing their jobs. They are under a tight deadline. They also drive for long hours without breaks. This can cause tunnel vision, where the driver zones out. This can greatly slow the reaction time of the driver.

Working Hours

The position of a truck driver requires work round the clock. Most of these drivers that work extended hours. Their working hours put them in a position where they are drug dependent. When such workers drive in the state of partial awareness truck accidents are certain to happen.

Drivers in Blindspots

More or less the drivers of primary vehicles can be held responsible for truck accidents. The most irresponsible act is driving in blind spots. This includes the area behind and beside the truck or other heavy vehicles. You as a driver must have seen careless drivers abruptly changing lanes, texting or using phones while driving. Also, drivers speed, which causes accidents quite often. Many of these errors are made by motorcyclists. Sometimes, they weave in and out of lanes to avoid traffic.


Construction zones and road construction areas are linked to a lot of truck accidents. If it wasn’t difficult enough to watch for other drivers, you also have to watch for construction crew members as well. Also, debris and obstacles can cause issues. Stop and go traffic in these areas is linked to a lot of accidents as well.

Have you been involved in a truck accident?

The results of a truck accident or an accident involving a heavy-duty vehicle can be devastating. Aside from a vehicle being a total loss, a driver involved in one of these accidents may be severely injured. If you or someone you know has been injured in a truck accident, our experienced team can help. The Law Office of Betz and Baril is here to help you receive the compensation you deserve. Complete our simple contact form, or call our office at (865) 888-8888.