Just about every person who has driven a vehicle has sped at one point or another. Speeding is among the most common things a driver does, and people think the only repercussion surrounding speeding is the possibility of being pulled over by the police. The truth is, not only is getting pulled over a threat to speeding but injuring yourself and others is a significant issue with speeding. Speeding can cause you to not only get a ticket but to lose control of your car, not be able to break quickly enough, and countless other issues. Speeding is something that is responsible for a ton of accidents, injuries, and deaths. Continue reading this article to learn about the statistics surrounding speeding, awareness surrounding speeding, and how to avoid speeding.

Statistics About Speeding

As noted, speeding is responsible for a ton of car accidents. Some of which have resulted in not only serious injuries but death. Below is a list of some statistics from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) about speeding:

  • It killed over 9,000 people in 2018.
  • In 2017, speeding was the cause of 27% of traffic-related deaths.
  • Speeding can cause you to lose your license.
  • Getting in an accident at high-speed causes a more severe accident.

How Speeding Affects Your Driving

  • Below are some bullet-points on how speeding affects your driving:
  • It can cause you to lose control of your vehicle.
  • It causes you to waste more gas because of the high-speed.
  • Speeding makes it harder for you to stop for traffic or animal-crossings.

Why Do People Speed?

Below are a few bullet-points on why people speed.

  • To get to their destination faster.
  • They seem to have fun when they speed. It’s a dangerous thrill.
  • People get road rage and end up speeding to release their anger.
  • Some people speed as a way of showing their dominance. They want to scare people and show how much of an “alpha” they are.

What do I do if I see Someone Who is Speeding?

We’ve all been in this situation. We’re trying to pass a semi-truck, and someone is an inch away from your car trying to speed by. Below are a couple of bullet-points on what to do if you come in contact with a speeder.

  • It is best to ignore them and let them pass you. If you try to stay in your lane, you’ll only agitate them and make things worse.
  • If you think their speeding is severe enough, call the police. The police will more than likely be happy to find the person and give them a ticket.

What to do if you Speed or are in a Car with a Speeder

  • If you speed a lot and you can’t help it, don’t panic. A lot of people speed, and it’s really easy to fix. If you know someone who speeds a lot, then don’t be afraid to talk to them. Below are a few bullet-points on what to do if you speed or know someone who speeds:
  • If you speed, realize you’re not going to get to your destination faster. This is especially relevant if you get pulled over by the police. It’s not worth it.
  • If you can’t help yourself and speed, try looking up some stories on what happened to some people who have sped. These stories should scare you from speeding again.
  • If you know someone who speeds, then tell them to stop. Just give them a bunch of reasons why they shouldn’t speed, and they’ll more than likely listen to you. If they’re stubborn about it, don’t worry. They’ll eventually start to listen to you.


By now, we should know not to speed, but a lot of us still do. The awareness surrounding the dangers of speeding should be brought more into the public. Utilize this article to help you understand the dangers of speeding and how you can use this to improve your driving. If you or someone you know has been in a car accident due to someone speeding, the law office of Betz and Baril are here to help. You may be entitled to compensation for the damages you’ve incurred. Contact us, or call our office at (865)888-8888