Car accidents are really scary. Not only can they cause physical damage that can last several weeks or even months, if not permanently, but they can also mentally scar people. Sometimes, car accidents can get confusing, and you might need a police report to prove who is at fault.

If you are not sure whether to involve the police in the accident or not, here are some facts that might help you choose:

Police reports depend on the situation

It is necessary to get a police report when you are in an accident. In fact, it is the law to call the police. However, it is also recommended to help make your case stronger.

Just because something is not necessary doesn’t mean that it will not help you in a situation. Police reports contain a very accurate briefing of everything that happened during the accident and are completely impartial.

If you are looking to prove your case against the person you had an accident with, a complete police report will definitely help you.

Police & Private Property

The police will not come for a minor fender bender on private p[roperty. For example, if someone backs into you at a strip mall, the police will not come to the privately-owned property if no one was injured. Here are some tips to help prove who is at fault for the accident:

  1. Use your smartphone to take photos of the accident.
  2. Take photos of the accident at multiple angles.
  3. Take photos of each vehicle from different angles.
  4. Take photos from a distance to show the surroundings and placements of the vehicles.
  5. Take a photo of the rear of the vehicle you were involved in an accident with. This will ensure that you have documented their license plate for identification and proof.

If the person you are in a fender bender or minor accident with refuses to provide their insurance information or they are driving without car insurance, you will still have documentation that the accident happened and that they were at the scene of the accident. Also, you’ll have visual proof of the accident, the position of the vehicles, the damaged causes from the accident and other evidence needed to help your case.

In the case of an attorney

Car accident attorneys are professionals that have proper knowledge of the subject of car accidents. Hiring an attorney may help you find the person who is at fault in a car accident, but most attorneys also have to rely on impartial information. The most reliable source of information for these attorneys is a police report.

Therefore, in cases where an attorney has to be hired, be sure to get a car accident police report. Someone is usually at fault for the accident. Most accidents happen because of distractions or drivers aren’t following the rules, laws, or using common sense. Most of the causes of car accidents are because of driver negligence.

Prove your case in court

In situations where the case has to be taken to the judge for the final jury, getting a police report will definitely prove to be very vital. Since the judicial system and the police work very closely to find who is responsible for the accident, it is likely that a complete car accident police report is will help your case. In the judicial system, proof is required, otherwise, it is one person’s word against the other person’s word.

CCTV camera footage

In most of the cases, all government camera footage is not available to the general public, but only the police and relevant authorities can access the footage. This is included in the car accident police report. Without this camera footage, it is very hard to showcase the person responsible for the car accident.

Dash Camera Footage

Dash-mounted camera footage is becoming increasingly popular and mainstream. This is where a camera is mounted to your car’s dashboard and records what happens while you are driving. This live footage can prove that another acted irrationally, or made a drastic move that put you and themselves in danger. It can also prove that they are at-fault in the accident.

Were you involved in a car accident?

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