One of the leading causes of car accidents is when a driver makes an improper turn. Causing confusion on the road which will evidently lead to a potential car crash.

A lot of times, drivers make an improper turn by mistake. Not knowing where they are or not seeing the proper sign work causes them to be disoriented and make a driving mistake.

In this article, we’re going to look at statistics surrounding improper turns, examples of improper turns, tips to avoid improper turns, and what to do if you see an improper turn. All of which will help you become a better driver in this regard and help you understand the serious nature of this potential car accident threat.


In order to comprehend the danger of improper turns, we need to fully understand the statistics surrounding them. Below is a list of statistics surrounding improper turns.

  • Thousands of accidents a year are caused by improper turns
  • Not looking before a turn is the top cause of an improper turn accident
  • The fines for improper turns are very expensive

Examples of Improper Turns

Since it’s such a complicated issue because of the different types of improper turns, as drivers we need to understand all the examples surrounding this issue. Below is a list of improper turns.

  • Turning right on a red light when there is a “no turn on red” sign
  • Turning left on a red light
  • Going through a stop sign to turn instead of yielding to oncoming traffic
  • Turning without signaling
  • Making an illegal u-turn
  • Turning without using the designated area to turn that way

Tips to Avoid Improper Turns

As a driver, it’s important for us to fully avoid improper turns. Sometimes we make mistakes, but these mistakes can be avoided by following certain tips. Below is a general list of tips to help you avoid improper turns.

Double-Check for Traffic

Before you make a turn at a light, always double-check for oncoming traffic. Even if you have a green light, keep an eye out for traffic.

Don’t Take Shortcuts

If you’re in a hurry, don’t take a shortcut. The shortcut may cause you may harm than good.

Slow-down When Turning

If you’re trying to make a turn, make sure you slow-down. Otherwise, you may slip through a red light and cause a major accident.

Only Make a U-turn at Correct Places

Only make a U-turn if you see a designated sign allowing you to make a U-turn. If you make a U-turn without checking for proper signage, you may cause an accident. Check for signage. If there is a sign there that specifically prohibits making a u-turn, it is there for a reason. It means that this area is not a safe area to make a u-turn and you would be endangering yourself and others.

Be Aware

What’s most important is to be aware of your surroundings. Always look around you before any driving move you do. Make sure the road is clear and that there is plenty of time and space for you to pull out. Avoid making a move hastily where your view is blocked by shrubbery or foliage.


Hopefully, by the end of this article, you understand the issue surrounding improper turns. Fully grasping the tips for avoiding improper turns and the examples of improper turns will help your driving ability and help others around you.

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