With so many drivers on the road each day, it is inevitable that you will be involved in an accident of some kind. If you’re lucky, no one will be injured. However, your car may be damaged or possibly even totaled.

Typically you would trade insurance information with the other driver and if possible, the police would come and file a report. This isn’t always the case. For example, if the accident happens on private property, the police usually do not get involved.

What to do after a hit and run car accident

However, what happens when you are involved in a car accident and the driver decides to hit and run? Most people don’t know what to do if they are involved in a hit and run auto accident. Here are some step by step tips for dealing with a hit and run accident.

  1. Check yourself and any passengers for injuries.
  2. If possible get the other driver’s license plate number. However, do not chase them down in your vehicle.
  3. Try to take down the make and model of the vehicle, color, number of passengers, or anything notable.
  4. Pull over to the side of the road. You want to get out of the way of traffic.
  5. Turn on your hazard lights to notify other drivers.
  6. Call 911 for the police and an ambulance if someone is injured.
  7. Stay at the scene of the accident until you’ve completed the police report.
  8. Take photos of the scene and any damages to your vehicle using your smartphone.
  9. Get the name and contact information of anyone who saw the accident.
  10. Contact your car insurance company to file a hit and run accident claim.

The police will follow up on your hit and run accident report. They may eventually be able to track down the individual responsible for the accident and hold them accountable. There may be surveillance or dash camera footage available that may help identify the vehicle, the license plate or even the driver.

How to protect yourself

It is important to note that your car insurance company may require you to complete a police report. This police report will be required in order to file a claim with your insurance company.

While there is no such thing as hit and run car insurance, there is protection available against being involved in a hit and run car accident.

  • Uninsured motorist is coverage that helps pay for your medical bills. This is used when the at-fault driver has no liability insurance. It is also available when the at-fault driver cannot be identified or located, such as in a hit and run accident.
  • No-fault insurance covers you for injuries, whether the accident was your fault or someone else’s fault.
  • Collision Coverage helps pay for the damages to your vehicle if you are struck by someone.
  • Medical payments coverage is an excellent insurance plan that covers you even if you are riding with someone else.

Have you been involved in a hit and run car accident?

We may be able to help you receive compensation for the damages. If the police eventually track down the person responsible, or even if the insurance company doesn’t fully cover your damages, we may be able to help you recover them by filing a lawsuit. Our experienced car accident attorneys can help you every step of the way. Complete our online auto accident form or call us directly at (865) 888-8888 to speak to one of our friendly staff.