As astounding as it may sound the fact that constant increase in licensed drivers is creating more hazards, is quite obvious. Due to the recklessness of drivers, unskilled newcomers, underage driving and absurd practices of one wheeling and over speeding, the situation of traffic regulation is progressively becoming worse. As of a report admitted in 2015, more than five thousand people were killed in motorcycle accidents that year. With 80 percent of motorcycle crashes resulting in deaths, the strategy of enforcing helmet law should be proposed.


In comparison with a car that has two more wheels, a seatbelt, and an overhead covering, a bike rider is exposed, making the vehicle quite dangerous. Due to the lack of barriers, the same impact can cause more serious injuries to a motorcyclist than that to a car rider. The passengers of a car can escape such impacts with minor abrasions and bruises that prove to be fatal to a biker. These include injuries to the head, neck, and back which may lead to permanent damage.

Use Of A Helmet

As mentioned above, these fatal injuries can affect the normal functioning of the body and even death. There are so many different factors that cause motorcycle accidents, with all of them leaving dire results. The most dangerous of these are the concussions, whiplash injuries that may severely affect cervical vertebrae and damage to the spinal cord. Severe injuries to the skull can be prevented by wearing a helmet that is the one option bike riders have in comparison to the convenience of a car. This is where the application of helmet laws is necessary.

Helmet Laws

Under the restrictions of helmet laws as enforced by many states’ causalities because of motorcycles, collisions are controlled to some extent. Even though there is a lack of support from the riders and drivers of motorbikes constant amendments are being done to enforce them. Many states now require the riders to wear goggles and gloves along with helmets.

Motorcycle injury studies show that the riders who wore helmets were 30% less likely to receive a brain injury. The brain is vital to motor skills and the body being able to function. Wearing a helmet reduced the likelihood of injury. Other common areas of injury in addition to the head are the thoracic region and the lower extremities. This is due to the body being thrown, and not having the protection you have when in a full-size vehicle.

Failure Of Following the law

The constant resistance by the community of motorcyclists has put lawmakers in a state of failure. There is a failure to this law because it either proposes penalties in criminal cases only or fails to mention the effect of the violation. Under these circumstances, the state has decided to start using measures such as the barring of one’s license because of the negligence towards the helmet law.

The enforcement of helmet laws makes it so that riders will be fined if found riding without a helmet. If this occurs multiple times, the rider is in jeopardy of losing their license altogether. The law, in conjunction with safety education, can help curb this trend before it becomes too rampant. When motorcyclists understand the dangers of not wearing a helmet, they understand the extreme risk of severe head trauma and brain injury. These issues can last for years and even a lifetime.

Help Of An Attorney

If you have been in a road traffic accident the first step to be taken after receiving proper medical care is to call an attorney. Helmet laws can affect your motor accident cases. So, seeking legal help may be in your best interest. The lawyer can walk you through the steps for understanding the recovery of the money you are owed and the process of evaluating your damages.


With the constantly increasing number of deaths due to road traffic accidents, the need for the enforcement of helmet laws is crucial. This can only be achieved if the public is well educated on the subject and co-operates with the lawmakers.