Getting into an accident may be one of the most common, but most dangerous things in almost every state. Car accidents are scary, and often result in injury – and sometimes even cost someone’s life.

If you just got into a car accident, and are suffering from a headache – mild or strong – here are some factors to consider before you think you can file a claim:

See a Doctor about your headache & other symptoms

The most important step is to see a doctor about your headache and symptoms. Your headache may be from a concussion or possibly even severe head trauma. It is important that you are seen by a physician to determine if you need additional treatment. Additionally, this is an important step in the process, because you will build up medical records that will help with your claim. You’ll have the records and the medical documentation to prove that you were having health issues in relation to the car accident.

When you or a lawyer go to present your case, it is much easier to prove that you actually experienced pain and suffering from the car accident. You will have the medical records of your car accident injuries and the documentation from the doctor to back it up. This is much more convincing than your personal testimony due to the fact that a licensed physician is providing written proof that you are having health issues related to the accident. You will also have documentation of the onset date of the symptoms, and follow up appointments that you had related to your injuries.

Before you begin: Keep adequate records

Be sure to keep a proper record of all the symptoms that have become visible after getting into that car accident. There are many reasons why you would want to do so, but the most important is the fact that it would help build your case against the other party, and make it easier to file a claim.

Some important factors to add are the time of accident, proper timestamps for each symptom’s start, and the severity of the several headaches that you might have gone through, until filing the claim. Additionally, you will want to document any additional symptoms, such as neck pain after a car accident, or back pain. These types of injuries tend to be serious and can lead to prolonged pain and suffering.

Hire an attorney

An attorney should easily help you find and calculate the value of any sort of claims that you might want to make. Attorneys are highly skilled in filing a claim. They will know the necessary documentation and materials needed to present your case effectively. They can also work to help you compile these documents and records, instead of you having to do it yourself.

An additional upside to hiring a car accident lawyer is that they are there to represent your case. They have the experience needed to follow the car accident claim process. They know how to navigate the system and they are there to negotiate for you. This increases the likelihood of your claim’s success. They also have experience to know when a

Delayed-onset post-traumatic headache

A delayed-onset post-traumatic headache is a headache that shares many clinical symptoms with a normal headache – the only difference being that the headache comes from trauma.

DOPT headache is claimable psychological damage, and because the effects of the condition may linger for longer than a few weeks or even some months in cases, the treatment can get quite expensive. Not to mention the fact that it will radically decrease your quality of life a lot.

Though there is no more than a 0.5% to 1% chance that after car accident headache that you might be suffering from is actually DOPT headache, consult a doctor.

Types of headaches after a car accident

Almost all headaches, when proven, are claimable by default. Here is a brief list of all after car accident headaches that are guaranteed to help you win a claim:

  • Post-traumatic headache – Similar to a normal headache, but it can last for weeks after the accident.
  • Post-concussive headache – Concussion is an injury to the brain. Headache that comes right after a concussion is claimable.
  • Muscle-spasm headache – Tearing of soft tissue of any muscle causing a headache is very common after a car accident. There are many cases of this happening.
  • Whiplash headache – A common injury of motor vehicle accidents that are caused to the upper body – most commonly: the head and the neck. A whiplash headache can have additional symptoms that come along with it.

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