Motorcycle Accident causes

It is in fact quite shocking how frequently we see motorcycle accidents. Because of their direct exposure, the roads hold dangers that await the motorcyclists. Sometimes, it just takes a minor mistake. A little diversion, a miscalculated lane change or a slight loss of brakes control to end up with horrendous consequences. The causes of motorcycle accidents can lead to life-altering consequences.

Why Injuries Are More Serious

Motorcyclists are prone to deadly injuries because of the absence of a barrier advantage. Plus, riders that don’t regularly wear helmets are more exposed to a fatal brain injury, even with slight trauma. These injuries range from minor abrasions and multiple fractures to life-threatening skull trauma. The injuries from such minor accidents rarely occur with car drivers.

Alcohol usage

Obviously, it takes a little more coordination to ride a motorcycle than it does to drive a car. Riding a motorcycle, even while slightly intoxicated, greatly increases your chances of an accident. Roughly 43% of all motorcycle accidents involve alcohol as the main factor.

Underage Riding

Underage motorcycling without a permit or license is a big issue. In most of the cases, the legal age of getting a permit and driving a motorbike is about 18 years. But it is an undeniable fact that early teen riders are seen. These unskilled drivers are more likely to have a motorcycle accident as they have a lack of road sense.

One Wheeling

The common practice of one wheeling among youngsters has increased the number of deaths in motorbike accidents. Time and time again these daredevils cause traffic accidents by colliding or diverting the attention of other drivers. Frequently it is seen that the bikers displaying this dangerous stunt are unable to control their vehicle and end up in undesirable conditions. “Popping a wheelie” may look fun, but it limits the driver’s control over the motorcycle. It limits their ability to be able to react when something happens, such as hitting a pothole or needing to come to an abrupt stop.


With movies and social media promoting race culture, the free riders of a motorcycle try to be more adventurous and speed. However, it is harder to control a speeding motorbike. Speeding is the leading cause of motorcycle accidents with riders colliding with pedestrians, other vehicles, footpaths and even with innocent stray animals. Also, with intense speeds, even minor debris can have a huge impact on the driver’s control. A patch of sand, pebbles, and gravel, or even a pothole can cause a driver to lose control of their motorbike.

Road Sense

Underage drivers are much more affected because of their lack of basic road sense. Even with regular drivers, this problem is common. Motorcyclists are expected to be more skilled and controlling than car drivers. They should know about the dangers that lie ahead even with their slight misjudgment.

Conditions Of Roads

The areas where roads are either too old or poorly constructed. They may be damaged due to rain, it is more expected for a motorcycle rider to be more challenged than the riders of four-wheelers. Uneven roads, speed bumps, puddles, and debris are more hazardous for such riders.

Other Drivers

Drivers of other vehicles are another big factor in motorcycle accidents. Sometimes, car drivers are unaware of motorcycle riders. Also, quick lane changes can cause an issue as well. Sometimes a motorcyclist may drive in a vehicle’s blind spot. What would be a simple tap for a car or truck, could send a motorcyclist into a violent and disastrous accident.

Be aware of other drivers: Helpful Driving tips

It is important to be aware of other motorists. Defensive driving is important for avoiding accidents. You cannot control the actions of other people, but you can protect yourself from their actions, by controlling your own. You can:

  • Watch for other vehicles.
  • Signal lane changes or turns ahead of time.
  • Check your blind spot for other vehicles before making a move.
  • Watch your speed.
  • Be courteous. Allow other vehicles to merge into the flow of traffic.
  • Come to a full and complete stop at stop signs.
  • Check both ways before proceeding at a stop sign.
  • Avoid drivers driving suspiciously or misbehaving (weaving in and out of lanes).
  • Follow simple motorcycle riding guidelines.

Have you been involved in a Motorcycle Accident?

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