Depending on where you live, we all dread the day when snow comes for one reason. Yes, it may look pretty and is a sign of the holiday season, but it makes it more difficult for us to drive in. Snow is one of the leading causes of accidents in the world. This is especially relevant in places that feature heavy snowfall.

In the United States, over 70-percent of the nation’s roads are located within snowy regions. Meaning that snow is more than likely a major issue for most people at some point. Snow makes it difficult to see, causes slippery roads, and hurts car functionality. In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the statistics surrounding driving and snow. We’ll also see how it affects your driving, and what you should do if you need to drive in the snow.

Snowy Car Accident Statistics

As noted, below is a general list of statistics surrounding driving and snowing. Utilize this information to understand the dangers of snow and driving.

  • 17-percent of all accidents occur from snow
  • Almost 2000 people die annually because of snow or icy pavements
  • There are over 150,000 accidents annually because of icy roads
  • Over 116,000 people get injured in car accidents from snow or icy roads every year
  • About 70-percent of accidental fatalities that happen in the winter are from people in their car

As you can tell, the statistics surrounding this subject are quite dismal. This is why it’s important to be literate with this subject and not to be a reckless driver during snowy weather conditions.

How Snow Affects Your Driving

In case you don’t live in a snowy region, you might be wondering how snow affects a person’s ability to drive. Below is a basic list of how snow affects driving.

Not Able to See

Think of snowfall like rain, but worse. It makes it very difficult to see and is a pain to deal with.

More Difficult to Drive

Since snow and cold weather impacts the road, typically it makes it more difficult to drive in. Making your car slip and slide all over the road.

Causes of Snow Accidents

Since snow induced car accidents are such a major deal, there are a ton of causes of them. Below is a list of some of the main causes of these types of accidents.

Driving too Fast

Since people are always in a hurry, they tend to speed; even if it snows. Then the next thing you know, they take a turn too fast and slip across the road. Not a good thing to do.

Bad Ability to See

Although this isn’t really the driver’s fault, sometimes snow makes it impossible to see. Causing accidents because of the driver’s inability to properly see the road.

Braking Issues

As noted, snow causes the roads to be slippery. Meaning it’s difficult for cars to properly brake. Causing a ton of accidents because of this.

What to do if it Snows

Now that you’re almost at the end of this article, you’re probably wondering what you should do if it snows. Below is a list that explains exactly this.

  • Drive Slow
  • Stay Home if Need Be
  • Don’t Tailgate
  • Brake Early
  • Clean Off your Car so you Can See
  • Make Sure your Tires are Okay
  • Always Have a Snowbrush


When it comes to driving in snow, just be smart. You know what you should and shouldn’t do. It’s self-explanatory, don’t speed and be reckless. You’re smarter than that. Most importantly, know when to stay home. You don’t have to be a hero and drive through a snowstorm just to go to the grocery store.

Have you been involved in a car accident in the snow?

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