By now, we should all know about the dangers of drunk driving. However, for some reason, people continue to do it. It’s one of the worst things you can do, that will not only ruin your own life but also ruin someone else’s life. Do not put yourself or others at risk for something as wasteful as drinking. If you drink too much, then don’t drive. It’s as simple as that. In this article, you’ll learn about the statistics, solutions, and causes of drunk driving. With this knowledge, you’ll hopefully be more educated on the matter to help prevent yourself and the people around you from drinking and driving.

Drunk Driving Statistics

Statistics from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention regarding drunk driving:

  • 29 people die every single day from drunk driving; every 50 minutes.
  • In 2016, 10,497 people died from being involved in a drunk driving incident. This accounts for 28% of all traffic-related deaths in the United States.
  • That same year, more than 1 million drivers were arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This is only 1% of the average number of alcohol-impaired drivers every year.

Statistics from DUI statistics:

  • One in three people will be involved in a drunk driving crash during their lifetime.
  • On average, a convicted drunk driver has already driven drunk 80 times.
  • Percentage of drunk drivers involved in fatal crashes during 2010: 21 to 24-year olds (34%), 25 to 34-year olds (30%), and 35 to 44-year olds (25%)

Why Do People Drink and Drive?

There are a plethora of reasons why people drink and drive. We all know it’s wrong, but for some reason, it’s one of the main causes of car accidents today. Here is a general list of why people drink and drive:

  • People tell themselves they can drive drunk when in reality they can’t.
  • Friends let their friends drive drunk because they’ve either done it before or are oblivious to what can potentially happen.
  • People don’t like arguing and don’t feel like fighting with someone over them not being able to drive.
  • A lot of people drive drunk for a “hook-up”. Meaning they don’t care about what can potentially happen when all they care about at the moment is hooking up.

Solutions for Drunk Driving

Drunk driving is horrible. There is more we can do to prevent drunk driving beside the laws we enact. This is a list of solutions to decrease drinking and driving:

  • Expanding the use of designated drivers. (Uber and Lyft have helped decrease drunk driving).
  • Furthering our laws to have stricter laws on drunk driving. Rather than give warnings, make it a stricter punishment.
  • Making a distinctive license plate for someone who was convicted for a DWI. This will help others be aware of someone with this license plate.
  • Educate people. Continue to educate people on the dangers of drinking and driving.
  • Spread awareness. Shifting the narrative so that drinking and driving are seen as something “un-cool”.
  • Eat and drink water while drinking.
  • Know your limits.
  • Don’t drive if you had more than you can handle.
  • Call someone to pick you up or take a taxi, uber, or Lyft.
  • Never go out in a group without a designated driver.


Drinking and driving is horrible. Don’t be embarrassed if you drank too much, and aren’t able to drive. It’s better to be honest and safe than it is to drive drunk and risk yourself and the people around you.