Accidents are not something to take easily. There are cases where the passengers seem to have no recollection of being in pain at the time of the accident, but then experienced a lot of pain afterward. One of such cases where the body does start hurting after a car accident is delayed pain due to back injuries.

Here is everything that you need to know about after car accident back injuries:

Types of back injuries

Here are some of the types of injuries in the back that you might want to know. Do note that you will need to be properly diagnosed by a doctor:

Lumbar Spine injuries

The lumbar spine is the most important component of the spine. It consists of the strongest muscles that are necessary to keep the spine stable. A strain or minor injury to the lumbar spine can cause levels of pain that might not be easily curable. Lumbar spine injuries will eventually result in swelling, bruising, redness and tenderness in the back. Damage to the lumbar spine may take months, or even years to heal.

Thoracic Spine Injuries

The thoracic spine is the portion of the back that directly connects to the chest and the ribs. Even a small puncture or muscle damage can cause permanent nerve damage, in better case scenarios. Most accidents violent enough to cause this type of injury also tends to cause damage to the spinal cord. Movement also seems to worsen these injuries.

Herniated Discs

Discs are cushions that are used in the human body to separate the vertebrae. They also protect the spine. Herniated discs can cause sudden intense pain in the lower back. In some cases, legs are reported to also go numb. This can be a very scary situation.

Miscellaneous injuries

There are several other injuries on the back that you might suffer from. Most of these injuries are related to the spinal cord – and these are perhaps the most dangerous on this list. Damage to the cord can cause permanent disability, if not anguishing amounts of pain every month or so.

There are no immediate fixes to the damage done to the spinal cord. There are several therapies, but they require serious effort, time and dedication.

What to do?

First of all, it is important to avoid strenuous activity. It is important to stay off of your feet and rest. Alternating ice and heat may also alleviate some pain. If you are suffering from back pain and the pain isn’t going away – even after a few weeks, you should definitely consider consulting a doctor. Like we mentioned before after car accident back injuries are not something that you should brush aside, as they can lead to permanent disability in the longer runs.

A doctor may recommend some medicine for the delayed pain, and might even suggest massage or physical therapy. Massage therapy is a very comforting therapy where your back will be massaged almost every day. In several other cases, if the damage is severe, the doctor will do an X-ray scan, CT scans, MRIs, myelograms, and even bone scans.

Doctors will suggest different treatments depending on the magnitude of damage. These treatments may range from physical therapy to possibly even surgery.

Have you experienced delayed back pain after a car accident?

If you’ve suffered a back injury after a car accident or a motorcycle accident, if you aren’t at fault for the accident, you are entitled to compensation for your injuries. If your injuries required surgery to repair, you are entitled to compensation for your medical expenses, medications, recovery time, pain and suffering, lost revenue and more. It is important to have an attorney that is experienced with car accident injuries and lawsuits.

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