There is nothing like the freedom you feel while riding your motorcycle. Many motorcyclists enjoy hopping on their bikes and going for rides for hours at a time. While motorcycle riding is recreational and it is supposed to be fun, it can also be dangerous. Motorcycles are wide open and do not provide the protection that a car or truck has to offer. This leaves the rider open to more vulnerabilities than normal. Things that wouldn’t affect an automobile driver may cause serious injury to a motorcycle rider. Let’s look at the most common causes of motorcycle accidents.

Car Doors

If someone in a car or truck is driving by while a parked vehicle opens their car door, the force and mass of the vehicle will simply tear the door off or smash it. However, if a motorcyclist runs into an open car door, it could be catastrophic. They could be thrown from their bike and land on their head, causing serious injury. Always watch for motorcycle riders when opening your car door when parked on the side of a street.


If a vehicle is speeding, the time to react is cut very short. Also, the same accident that may only cause minor injuries to a vehicle, may cause serious harm, or even kill a motorcycle rider.

Lane Splitting

Lane Splitting is when a motorcyclist drives between two lanes of traffic. This is an illegal tactic, but motorcycle riders are still known to do it. Unfortunately, if a vehicle changes lanes while they are doing this, the motorcycle driver may end up rear-ending the vehicle while changing lanes. This could send them airborne and cause serious injuries.

Motorcycle Defects

A defective motorcycle can be dangerous. If a manufacturer fails to make safe motorcycles, or their parts are deemed defective, that company could be held responsible for damages and injuries.

Driving under the influence

Motorcycle drivers are not immune to driving under the influence. This is extremely reckless, considering their motorcycles provide less protection that a normal vehicle would. Also, individuals driving under the influence while behind the wheel of a car or truck can hit a motorcycle rider, too.

High-Performance Motorcycles

Sport and Super-sport motorcycles are really powerful motorcycles that can go up to 160 mph. Most riders of these types of motorcycles are young and inexperienced. Their immaturity leads to poor decisions, such as speeding and reckless behavior.

Following too closely

Motorcyclists can follow a vehicle too closely, rear-ending a car or truck. They can be sent flying from their vehicle, causing serious injuries. Also, if a car or truck follows a motorcycle too closely, they can slam into a motorcycle, injuring or killing the rider.

Hazardous Roads

Riding a motorcycle requires balance. Anything in the road other than flat pavement can cause an issue. Any debris, large potholes, or damaged pavement can cause a rider to lose their balance and end up wrecking their bikes.

Cars Making Left Turns

This is one of the most dangerous situations for a motorcycle rider. This happens often because the car or truck is turning, and the motorcycle is going straight. Another reason why this happens is that the motorcycle rider is trying to pass the car.

Usually, a car or truck that hits another vehicle while making a left turn is the one held at fault for the accident. On the other hand, the motorcycle rider can be held at fault if they were not in the correct lane, or they were speeding.

Have you been involved in a motorcycle accident?

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